Title : Introduction to Project Planning with Microsoft Project

Duration - 1 day

Fees :    £300 for 1 to 6 delegates        £350 for 7 to 10 delegates

(Fees are inclusive of all expenses)

This class covers the key principles and techniques employed in project planning and their application with Microsoft Project.




Planning techniques include:

  • Project scope via Work Breakdown Structure definition

  • Creating a precedence activity network with multiple dependency types

  • Critical Path Analysis calculations

  • Identification of float/slack types

  • Resource Aggregation

  • Resource levelling heuristics

  • The Performance Measurement Baseline


Microsoft Project content:

  • Microsoft Project Options

  • Project definition

  • Calendars

  • Work breakdown via task outlining

  • Setting dependencies and dependency types

  • Identifying the critical path on the Gantt Chart and Activity Network

  • Customising the Gantt Chart

  • Resource definition

  • Resource assignment

  • Resource conflict identification and resolution

  • Cost planning and management

  • Setting interim plans and baselines

  • Updating project status

  • Reporting



"John's ability to explain the calculations that Project does behind the screens made the product mch easier to understand"



"Having a tutor that can explain the underlying principles of project planning was very valuable"



"Just understanding what some of the project options have been doing alone made it worth attending"



"Earned Value is a very powerful approach to measuing accomplishments"



"I feel more in control of Project now"



"We all felt we learned a lot from this class"


"Task types finally demystified !  Thanks"